This RAM Vent-Temp temperature module accessory (RAM-VENT1-RND-50U) installs to the back of compatible RAM and GDS docks and attaches to circular A/C vents 3.67" in diameter, using included zip ties. This version of the RAM® Vent-Temp directs air produced by your vehicle's A/C system to either cool, or heat up the docked tablet from the back. This is ideal for environments where the tablet needs to be cooled off or heated up to maintain operating temperatures during critical work functions. When installed correctly and vent cover is attached to a circular air vent, the hose adapter features integrated magnets for easy break-away when the RAM Vent-Temp is not needed, or gets caught on something that could tug on the hose. The 50" included flexible hose can be cut to the desired length of reach from vent to tablet dock.


Barcode # 793442015533
Brand RAM Mounts

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