The IntelliSkin Hard Case for Samsung Tab Active5, Tab Active3 & 2 (RAM-GDS-SKIN-SAM89-HC) is a protective, hard plastic shell with an integrated GDS connector that upgrades the device's USB-C port to flat, ruggedized pogo pads. These pogo pads are easy to clean and prevent damage from constant plugging and unplugging in environments where the combination of debris and daily, repetitive docking is unavoidable. As an added benefit, the pogo pad technology boasts up to 30% faster charging than a traditional USB-C connection. Built with every scenario in mind, the IntelliSkin also features an integrated USB Type-C connector that allows for device charging when there is no GDS Dock available. The IntelliSkin unlocks the GDS Ecosystem, with a wide variety of GDS Docks, input devices, and ergonomic accessories available to customize your solution.


Barcode # 793442019043
Brand RAM Mounts

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