The GDS Uni-Conn Right Locking Powered Dock with USB-A & RJ45 Data (RAM-GDS-DOCKLR-U1CP-RJ45AU) is a revolutionary universal docking platform. This clip-in, quick-release solution securely holds your device in place and features a key lock on the right side for additional theft deterrence. For the same dock with a lock on the left side, see RAM-GDS-DOCKLL-U1CP-RJ45AU. When docked, power is delivered via the pogo pin connection, enabled by the USB-C female connector.It also includes a dual-input pigtail that features one RJ45 (ethernet) connector for a direct and secure connection to your network alongside one USB Type-A female connector for connecting peripherals to your tablet. It features an easy docking and undocking process, simply place the IntelliSkin-wrapped device into the base of the dock and push it to snap into place. When undocking, a simple push of a lever releases the tablet. The docking station requires the GDS Uni-Conn adapter (RAM-GDS-U1U) to be installed on the intended IntelliSkin-wrapped device. The GDS Uni-conn dock is backed by a 3-year warranty. Warranty is void if lever stop is not installed.


Barcode # 793442022722
Brand RAM Mounts

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